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1. Info - Roaring Toyz 240 Wide Tire Swingarm Kits
Roaring Toyz  Wide Tire Swingarms are all serial numbered and come complete with every thing you or you need for installation. All Roaring Toyz Swingarms include a cadmium plated - tulipped axle, Roaring Toyz engraved cadmium plated flanged axle nut, quality OEM bearings, a pivot tube bearing spacer ( Crush Sleeve ), our factory mount caliper hanger, Delrin chain guards, a set of engraved rear axle cover plates with all the hardware necessary for proper installation. Now if that doesn’t convince you that these are the greatest Swingarms ever built, all of our arms include your choice of any and all of Roaring Toyz swing arm and rear braking options and have from  2-4 inch adjuster slots with up to 3 port axle adjuster blocks for positive axle location and overall strength.

The quality of materials and the craftsmanship that go into each swingarm will impress the crowd at your local bike night ...and take the checkered flag at the track. All Roaring Toyz components are CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum and/or steel so you know they’ll handle even the biggest of beasts between your legs!

The 240 Extended Swingarm Wide Tire Conversion Kit is the Ultimate Custom Modification for your Sportbike today. The unique 240 swingarm kit allows for a fat 18 x 8.5" custom rear wheel with a Pirelli Diablo 240MM XXL Tire. These swingarms are engineered not only for awesome looks but to be 100% functional as well. These swingarm kits will stand up to any abuse you can throw their way. Put this kit on your bike and ride it everyday. WE DO and you would not believe how much attention we get with them. Go ahead treat yourself its your turn!!! 

Roaring Toyz Custom Wide Tire Swingarms are built in house, using only the highest quality materials and precision CNC parts

2. Options - Customize your 240 Swingarm with these options
Swingarm End Blocks
Choose from several different Swingarm End-Blocks including; Vintage Covered Ends w/ 2" Slot and Vintage Open Ends w/ 2.5" Slot.
Lasar Etched Axle Cover Plates
Gives a finished look to your new Roaring Toyz Custom Swingarm. Laser Etched with the Roaring Toyz logo and precisely machined for superior fit and finish.
Check out our unique "Stealth Underbracing" technique
Our innovative Stealth Bracing provides the rigid support needed while maintaining a clean look to your swingarm.
We offer Custom Swingarm lengths all the way up to 12" over stock
Stretch your ride from 2" all the way to up to 12" inches over stock length. Please note that all swingarms over 10" are special order and will require 4-12 weeks for delivery.

View Swingarm Length Options Here

N.O.S. Bottle Bracket
Nitrous Bottle Halo Ring suitable standard N.O.S. systems
Other Roaring Toyz Swingarm Options available:

Radial Mount
Rear Brake Kits

Color Steel Braided
Brake Lines

Heavy Duty 530
X-Ring Chains

Heavy Duty Rear
Shock Springs

240 Pirelli Diablo
Rear Tire






3. Finish - Choose the Swingarm finish that suits your style
Swingarm Finish Options
Roaring Toyz Swingarms are available in 3 different finish options: Raw Aluminum, Black Powder Coat and Show-Quality Chrome.
4. Wheels - Finish off your bike's new look with custom wheels
Custom Wheels
Roaring Toyz stocks more Performance Machine Wheels, Xtreme Machine Wheels and RC Components Wheels than any other dealer!  We have the best selection of the hottest rims on the market. From their cool contrast cut wheels to show quality chrome we have them available and ready to ship.  These wheels will complement your new Roaring Toyz Wide Tire Swingarm kit. We have these available for most late model sport bikes and ready to ship to you today. Set your custom sportbike off in style with the latest from Roaring Toyz!
5. Fitment - 240 Wide Tire kits available for the following:





ZX-14R  '06-'13

GSXR 1300  '99-'13

R1  '07-'13

CBR 1000RR  '07-'13

ZX-12R  '00-'05

GSXR 1000  '01-'13

R6  '06-'13


ZX-11R  '00-'01

GSXR 750  '96-'13



ZX-10R  '04-'13 GSXR 600  '97-'13    
ZX-9R  '02-'03      
ZX-6R  '00-'13      
Z1000  '10-'13      
Ninja 1000  '10-'13